Antamedia Cyber Cafe Software A breath of Relieve For Cyber Cafe Owners

April 22, 2024

The increasing popularity of cyber cafes has increased the security risks of the usage of publicly available systems. Hackers try to target the computers which do not have right security measures implemented on them. Keeping in view these concerns, different companies have developed the softwares which take care of such issues in a reliable manner. Antamedia is one of such companies, which provides the best solutions to its clients in order to assist them in implementing finest security measures. Cyber Cafe Software has been developed by Antamedia to resolve the security issues which have been faced to the cyber café owners. The owners of cyber cafe want to ensure the availability of a reliable and consistent service to their customer. Moreover, they wish to keep the records of login and log out times by each user plus the billing and account maintenance records. It is quite a time-consuming and hectic task if done manually. Manual work is not only unreliable but also can cause a lot of time wastage. Your employees may cheat you while you are out of the café for some other business. They may let their friends and relatives use the services without paying the charges. Antamedia Cyber Cafe software is a breath of relaxation for the café owners, as it facilitates them to maintain the record of each and every activity in their absence. When you come back from work to your café, you can simply logon to the software by providing admin user name and password and check the daily or weekly reports. It is really easy to keep the record of the number of customers who visited between particular hours or dates.

Maintenance of all the billings which should have been collected by your assistants is not a nuisance anymore. Managing the in and out times of customers is also not a problem, because when the user comes to avail the services, you will just have to provide a unique id and password which he/she will use to login to the assigned systems. The user will automatically be logged out when the paid time becomes over. The users can also get the prepaid accounts, so that each time they visit the café, they do not have to pay the charges again and again. Hourly, Weekly or monthly accounts can be availed by using Cyber Cafe software.Apart from this, you have full control over the access rights of all the systems. You can maintain a decent environment in the café by blocking the websites which have illegal or unauthorized material. Now the users can perform different activities like playing online games, net surfing, chatting and so forth, in a consistent manner. Antamedia Cyber Cafe software is also a great solution to maintain security at places other than cyber and internet cafes like hospitals, universities, colleges and other big business companies.A reliable service in your cyber café will help you out in increasing your business, as you will have more number of customers. The relationship of trust between any café and users can best be assured through Antamedia Cyber Cafe software. So, go to the website of Antamedia, and download trial version to see the difference. Rest assured, you would never worry about the cost of purchasing this unique software, once you see its effect on your business.