Need Funding Assistance for Quality Management Systems Consulting and Training?

April 30, 2024

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a variety of local, state and federal funding assistance programs to improve their quality management systems and upgrade employee skills. This broad definition covers ISO, Six Sigma, Lean, change management, leadership and basic skills training. Some of these programs offer matching funds while others provide tax credits. A few even bestow outright grants. However, gaining access to—and understanding—these funding programs can be a daunting task.

A Multitude of Funding Programs are Available to U.S. Companies

Funding assistance programs are designed to cover everything from maintaining high employment in local areas, to helping American companies combat foreign competition. Some state programs are even designed to counter out-of-state challenges by domestic competitors. Most programs offer financial assistance to upgrade employee skills and operating efficiency through training.

Typical Qualifying Criteria for Funding Assistance

Although most funding assistance programs are aimed at domestic manufacturers, financial help is also available for other industries that are facing foreign competition.

It is recognized that ISO, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, change management and leadership training are key elements in continuous improvement, and streamlining key business processes. Since these disciplines yield results that strengthen domestic businesses, they are favored by many funding assistance programs.

Situations that typically qualify for some form of funding assistance include:

· When a business is being adversely affected by foreign or out-of-state competitors.

· If a company experiences falling sales due to the onslaught of foreign competition.

· If upgrading employee skills would demonstrably improve company performance or increase employee retention.

· When ISO registration is required by customers or international markets.

· When employee training provides enhanced skill sets that are transferable, or lead to an industry-recognized credential or certification.

· Creation of jobs, or preventing loss of jobs, due to a possible facility closing or changing technology.

· Creation of jobs as a result of a company relocating, or expanding into a state, or starting a business in a state.

· If a company provides critical services or goods to the Department of Defense.

An extensive array of funding programs is available to most types of businesses and manufacturers in particular. Taking advantage of these can significantly reduce—or even cover the complete cost for a company—to provide quality management systems training for its employees.

Examples of Nationwide Programs



Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

MEP is a nationwide network of not-for-profit centers in nearly 350 locations nationwide. Their sole purpose is to provide small and medium sized manufacturers with the services they need to succeed. The centers, serving all 50 States and Puerto Rico, are linked together through the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. Centers are funded by federal, state, local and private resources to serve manufacturers.