tips for Successful Custom Picture Framing

June 5, 2024

Not every photo or artwork requires a custom picture frame but there are some special ones which requires it. Art is present all around us and it is very natural for us to have that wish of bringing it to our home. You can decorate your walls with paintings and photographs to add visual interest to your room. Custom picture framing is a significant way to add value and beauty to your artwork.


Selecting the best picture frame is an art which requires a lot of attention e precision on your part. Usually any picture framing process involves three distinct components which should be taken care of.


1. Moulding:- The first component of selecting a custom picture frame is the moulding which you go for. A good moulding should complement the look of your artwork without distracting the viewer. Select a picture frame which goes well with the art itself. A bright colored artwork with a lot of colors in it will look good with a simple black wooden picture frame. Select your picture frame depending on the hue which is present in the artwork. Make sure not to select a picture frame which has same color as the artwork. The purpose of your picture frame should be to enhance the overall visual capacity of the artwork.



2. Matting:- The next component is the selection of proper mat for visual enhancement and protection of your artwork. The color of the mat should be such that it is ligher than the art and darker than the wall so as to bring the best visual appearance. There are different kinds of mat present in the market which can be used according to the importance of your prized possession. For vintage and one-of-its-kind painting, you should go for acid-free mat to preserve it for years. The mat also provides a buffer between the art and the glass, avoiding the art to touch the glass. Mat has this unique capacity of creating a smooth transition from art to custom picture frame.


3. Glass:- The last and the final component for selecting the best custom picture frame is selecting the right glass or plexi-glass. The kind of glass selected for the picture frame is dependant on the size of the artwork and the place where it is going to be placed. The size and weight of the artwork decides whether to go for glass or plexi-glass. Heavier piece of art should use plexi-glass while the ligher one should go for regular glass. The glass used can further be coated with UV