Women and Capitalism: Are You Making The

May 11, 2024


The definition of capitalism is a socio-economic system in which private ownership leads to profit for the owner. At least that’s what the dictionary says. But what does it really mean – for women?

Sure, we have Hillary, Oprah and Angelina who make it look as though we are entering the age of women. But let’s not overlook an important exception; the areas of real power and money are overwhelmingly occupied by men.

Unfortunately, feminism has set the stage for branding women as being離婚したくない場合の奥の手 better communicators and nurturers, thinking this is all it takes. However solid these qualities are, they don’t convince the Wall Street titans that Ms. MBA has the “kahunas” to make the big deals.

On the contrary, feminism has defined itself as the antithesis to being a capitalist. Little girls aren’t encouraged to become multimillionaire mavens because that goes against the feminist liberal agenda.

See where the ideology conflicts with real power and influence for women?

Women need to take matters into their own hands. But where should they start? By learning the secrets behind the most successful capitalists of our time.

Secret #1: Being a capitalist isn’t only about income. Because you make a large income doesn’t guarantee entrance into the capitalist class. What you need to do is create a business or revenue stream that generates cash regularly without you having to sell your efforts. For example, Sharon is a lawyer who makes more than 300K a year. She puts in at least 80 hours per week. Rhonda owns a travel agency that generates an annual income of 300K, but she doesn’t have to run it or be involved in any way. In fact, when she dies, her family will still reap the benefits of solid cash flow. Make your money work for you.