Casing Pipe Manufacturing Process

May 25, 2024

reheating → sizing → cooling → straightening → pipe cutting → inspection

1. An annular heating furnace is required for ingot heating;
2. Punching and reheating with hydraulic press;
3. The oil casing plant uses a two-roller guide plate extension machine for Efficiency Heating


4. Re-use a disc heating furnace for periodic rolling, and use a non-entry furnace for reheating, cooling, straightening, pipe cutting, and inspection.

Steel ingot heating: .216mm periodic tube rolling mill with a ring furnace, . 318mm periodic tube rolling mill original design with two ring furnace.
Hydraulic punching: . 216mm is 10kN hydraulic press punching, . 318mm punching with 18kN hydraulic press.
Extension: Oil casing plants are using two roller guide extension machine.
Reheating: with a tray furnace, rolling mill cycle were used, and then do not use the heat into the furnace.
Sizing: use the two-roll 5-rack sizing machine.

Oil casing plant cooling bed is a one-way chain-type cooling bed, . 216mm cycle rolling unit product specifications . 114.3 ~ 319mm, wall thickness 6 ~ 40mm; . 318mm cycle rolling unit rolling product specifications . 168 ~ 377mm, wall thickness 6 ~ 40mm. As oil well pipe, you can produce a variety of casing pipe and some drill pipe.

In order to improve the quality of the oil well pipe body, the oil casing plant used imported technology and joint design to manufacture precision pipe rolling mills. Using continuous casting round tube billet, heating in an annular heating furnace, piercing by a tapered roller piercing machine, rolling by a precision tube mill, sizing, cooling bed cooling, forming a seamless steel tube short-flow production line, and its production process: EAF → furnace refining → vacuum degassing → continuous casting → heat transfer → tube heating → perforation → rolling pipe → sizing → cooling tempering (reserved) → online quenching (reserved) → tempering (reserved) → sizing (reserved) → cooling → straightening → flaw detecting → sawing → cutting head → inspection