China will bid farewell to carbonyl nickel powder imports

July 9, 2024

This technology increases 10% of the recovery rate in the platinum group metals associating with nickel and  makes a whole improvement of China’s platinum metals industry. With the nickel carbonyl production line built, China will end long-term dependence of carbonyl nickel powder imports.


The principle of carbonyl metallurgy process is the use of transition metal and carbon monoxide g reaction of volatile carbonyl compounds of metals s and extraction method, ordinary nickel-metal hydride battery nickel carbonyl, the main raw material powder is obtained using this technique. This technology can produce carbonyl nickel powder, nickel carbonyl balls, thousands of unique properties of high-quality products are widely used in military industry, metallurgy, chemicals, electronics, energy, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive and other specialty industries. Over the years, the technology has been mastered and a few countries have implemented technology blockade. The project, launched in 2000 R & D in 2003, built China’s first complete 500 tons / year production line and open up the process.

Nickel carbonyl (Ni (CO) 4) and carbonyl iron (F e (CO) 5) complex is a volatile liquid, they are using metal Ni and Fe, at a certain temperature, pressure, and synthesis reaction of CO gas. Carbonyl nickel (or iron) is very unstable at low temperature can easily dissociate into metal Ni (or Fe) and CO, by controlling the carbonyl compounds of pyrolysis temperature, time, etc., can be mass prepared from the nano to the micron level , even to the centimeter level, including zero-dimensional (nano-, micron particle material), one-dimensional (needle-like and filamentous material), two-dimensional (thin-film materials) and three-dimension