Introduction to Warhammer Tradeskills

May 27, 2024

Warhammer Online is set to release on the 18th of September will have be retaining a very similar tradeskill profession such as the older massively multiplayer online role playing games. In World of Warcraft, gathering professions were first introduced but now Warhammer now currently has more gathering tradeskills than crafting. There are currently 4 gathering skills and also 2 crafting skills. The 4 gathering skill consists of cultivating, magical salvaging, butchering and scavenging. The 2 crafting profession currently available is apothecary and talisman making.

The cultivating tradeskill in WAR allows the player to grow their own weeds and fungi which are used by the apothecary for ingredients. Cultivating requires seeds and spores that can be otained from monsters, scavenging and from most merchants in cities and towns. A pot is needed as well obviously. To get better results from cultivating, you can add soil, water and nutrients. The better you treat your plant, the better your plant will treat you.

The magical salvaging tradeskill in WAR is the ability to break magical items into small magical fragments. These magical items can be obtained from PvE, RvR, quests and variety of other places. When salvaging an item, you can choose the type of stats to extract from that item. Along with the fragments you will also get what is known as essences. Both fragments and essences are used to make Talismans.

The last 2 gathering trade skills in WAR is butchering and scavenging. They are very similar in many ways, both skills are used to gather resources from a dead mob that has already been completely looted. Butchering is used on non-sentient mobs while scavenging for the more socially active mob, in another words, beast or humanoids.

The apothecary trade skill uses ingredients found through cultivating and can turn them into potions, powders or lotions. It would be wise to be able to pair your characters or friends with different professions to gain the maximum benefits off each profession. There are many different type of potions and can provide various abilities. Some can add very low stats but have long durations while another of the equivalent level have higher stats but shorter duration.

The talisman making profession hasn’t been fully released yet but it allows you to create talismans. Talismans are known as the minor items of power which can be attacked to certain armors, weapons and grants permanent bonuses to that item. Only rate and powerful items are able to have talismans placed onto them. To create a talisman, you will need a contain along with the magical fragments and essences received from a player with the magical salvaging profession.